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Mumbai teenage boy not lost in dark web, but found in Nepal

The 15-year-old boy who ran away from his home in Govandi to allegedly kill himself has been traced to Kathmandu, Nepal. The teenager was suspected to have fallen prey to a suicide game on the dark web, similar to the Blue Whale Challenge, but sources now say that he may have left due to exam pressure.

On Friday evening, after the Mumbai crime branch informed their counterparts in Kathmandu, the boy was taken in custody by the local police. Mumbai cops are now bringing him to the city.

The Std X student is the son of the director of a media house. He ran away on October 29, taking Rs 15,000 and a few notebooks with him. He also left a note behind, on which he had scribbled that he was going to kill himself.

On the family’s complaint, the Govandi police had filed a kidnapping case. During the preliminary probe, cops found that the boy was playing a game on the dark web. Two teams were subsequently formed to find the boy. The crime branch was also making parallel inquiry into the matter. They first tracked the boy’s whereabouts to Ahmedabad, while the Govandi police traced him to Goa. But neither department succeeded in getting hold of him.

The real breakthrough came when investigators went through his online activities and found search entries about Kathmandu. The cops asked his parents about it, who mentioned they had relatives there.

Sources said that the boy took a train from Goa to Bihar, and later went to Nepal from there. “He was using a simple GSM phone, and it was switched off. We were keeping a constant eye on the phone, and had also activated our network of informers,” said a cop.

Source: Bing News ले छापेको छ ।

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