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A woman in Nepal was exiled to the freezing hut because she was deemed unclean –  Nepal has a tradition that is quite horrible for a woman. There, a woman who is in menstruating or newborn is considered an impure woman and as a bearer of bad luck.

As a result, they are forbidden to touch cattle and men, and have deny access to communal food and are usually prevented from using toilet and laundry facilities.

Many women who are menstruating are forced to leave their homes following of ancient Hindu traditions and take shelter in unhygienic or insecure huts like cowsheds until their monthly cycles end.

While isolated separately, some women face fever or wild animal attacks. Whereas the dirty room conditions can cause infection for them.

Their exile to the ‘menstrual cottage’ also made them also unable to go to school.

Recently, a woman has died in a remote village in Nepal because she was alienated from her home and forced to live in a hut during her period.

According to a government official on Friday, January 5, 2018, the 21-year-old woman is believed to have died from inhaling the smoke from a fire illuminated in the hut to keep warm in freezing temperatures in mountain villages, government administrator Tul Bahadur Kawcha said.

The woman was found dead on Monday, January 8, 2018.

Earlier last year MPs issued a law criminalizing practices that force menstruating women from their homes.

Under the law of anyone who imposed the habit of facing a three-month jail sentence and get fine until USD 30.

Practice, that known as chhaupadi, has been in the spotlight after at least two women died last year while sleeping in storage.

Campaigners said that the law should be implemented well in addition to changing attitudes in remote rural areas.



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