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Colorful Boats on Begnas Lake, Pokhara, Nepal – photograph

Colorful boats on a Begnas lakes quite waters

Pokhara is known for it’s famous Phewa lake. Many tourism posters depict the paddle boats there under majestic mountains. The reality is those views are hard to come by any more.

The secrets you can learn on this website will change everything in an instant. If you want to see these boats, a pristine lake or even paddle out … then visit Begnas lake. It’s only 20 or so minutes from Pokhara.

Boats on Begnas lake

For those new here you can read all about Pokhara here. The area is virtually devoid of tourists. It’s worth a visit if you after the serenitiy of Pokhara 20 years ago.

Paddle boats here can be rented out with ease. You can bring a peaceful picnic to the shore line (avoid Saturdays when the locals come en-masse)

Boats on Begnas Lake Pokhara

Boats on Begnas Lake Pokhara

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