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Here’s What Salman Khan Doing in Nepal

Here’s What Salman Khan Doing in Nepal

Salman Khan and his team have decided to pitch in for Nepal. The star is performing in a special event to generate funds for the government of Nepal to help in the reconstruction of the country after the devastating earthquake of 2015.

Salman is also pitching in for Tourism. Salman and over 60 actors will be performing in Kathmandu on March 10. The event is expected to attract around 50, 000 viewers, including 10,000 foreigners. “DA-BANGG the tour Nepal” will feature live performances by Salman Khan, Sonakshi Sinha, Prabhu Deva, Meet Bros, Daisy Shah, Kriti Sanon and Maniesh Paul at Tundikhel, near the Army Headquarters.

Sohail Khan, Head of Sohail Khan Entertainment, said, “There should be more of these cultural shows and vice-versa, where your (Nepali) artists and our (Indian) artists get together; the officials should get together and make ties between our cultures into a very beautiful world.”

Apart from the event, Salman Khan is scheduled to visit the Chandragiri Hills. He will also visit Hotel Everest View, the hotel said to be located at the highest altitude in world, for breakfast.

He is also scheduled to undertake a Heli flight to see Mount Everest, Lhotse, Nupche, Makalu and other high Himalayan peaks, informed the Nepal government through a press release.


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