‘म्याच फिक्सिङ गर्ने खेलाडी चाहिँ जेल जानु पर्छ, प्रोग्राम फिक्सिङ गर्ने मन्त्रीहरु जेल जानु पर्दैन ?’
जोगवनीमा भारतीय नेतामाथि गोली प्रहार

Nepal: Blast at India-developed hydroelectricity project, security arrangements intensified

[unable to retrieve full-text content]A bomb exploded on Wednesday at the office of a major hydropower project being constructed with Indian assistance in Nepal. It was second such incident at the facility in over a month. The explosion was caused by an improvised explosive device in the …
Source: Bing News ले छापेको छ ।

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