New Lok Dohori 2075/2018 | Ma Road Ma Timi Carodma – Bishnu Majhi & Amar Deep BC Ft. Ranjita & Bimal
New Lok Dohori 2018/2075 | Gayau Chhura Ropi – Mohan Khadka & Sandhya Budha Ft. Sarika & Prem

New Lok Dohori 2018/2075 | Badhauki Mayako Dorile – Tika Pun & Krishna Reule Ft. Krishna & Pujasingh



New Nepali Song Video 2018/2075 “Badhauki Mayako Dorile” By Tika Pun & Krishna Reule only on Music Nepal official YouTube channel.

Right for this video is provided by Trisana Music Pvt.Ltd.

Nepali Lok Dohori – Badhauki Mayako Dorile
Singer – Tika Pun & Krishna Reule
Lyrics – Pujasingh Pariyar
Music – Krishna Reule
Artists – Krishna Reule & Pujasingh Pariyar
Director – Prakash Bhatta

#Musicnepal #NewLokDohori

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