समृद्धिका लागि राजनीति कहाँ गर्ने कहाँ नगर्ने स्पष्ट हुनुपर्छ : पूर्वन्यायाधीश रायमाझी
केचनाको माटो सगरमाथा पु¥याउन पैदलयात्रा

Tariq Ramadan: French police question Muslim scholar over rape claims

Prominent Muslim academic Tariq Ramadan is being questioned by French police investigating allegations of rape and sexual assault against him.

He was taken into custody in Paris over claims made by two women last year.

Mr Ramadan, 55, denies wrongdoing and is suing one of his accusers, Henda Ayari, a former radical Islamist who now heads a secular feminist group.

Mr Ramadan, a Swiss national, teaches Islamic studies at Oxford University, but took leave of absence in November.

Ms Ayari says Mr Ramadan raped her in a Paris hotel in 2012. “He literally pounced on me like a wild animal,” she told French TV in October.

Another woman, a convert to Islam who has remained anonymous, later accused him of raping her in 2009.

He says all allegations are part of a “campaign of slander” by enemies.

Source: BBC World ले छापेको छ ।

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