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Third of world population WIPED OUT even in SMALL nuclear war

Scientist Paul Doherty says simulations suggest a hundred multimegaton bombs would be exchanged if war broke out between smaller nuclear-armed countries.

That is enough – at even conservative estimates – to wipe out a third of the world’s population.

It would have a lasting impact, even for people living on the other side of the globe from a nuclear detonation.

The shocking revelation comes as the threat of a nuclear war involving the US, Russia and North Korea intensifies.

Scientist warns of small scale nuclear warGETTY

WARNING: Even a small scale nuclear war could have devastating consequences

he was building his “biggest missile yet”.

The tubby tyrant also warned President Donald Trump “not to test his patience”, according to reports.

Kim has previously promised “weekly” nuke tests in the face of US aggression.

Doherty says that is nuclear war were to break out, billions would die from radiation during explosions with even more falling victim to starvation or cancer in the aftermath.

Once ingested, radiation strontium-90 is so similar to calcium that your body absorbs it into your bones.

Once it is in your bones, its radioactive decay breaks up the DNA of your cells, leading to bone cancers and leukaemia.

A hundred nuclear detonations would block enough sunlight to drop the average global temperature, which would be devastating for the world’s food supply.

“Even if you weren’t killed by the initial blasts, you couldn’t expect to live long,” Doherty says in his new book.

“Within two weeks of something like this happening, 180 million tons of smoke, soot and dust would coat our globe like black paint and there it would stay.

“Light levels would be reduced to a few per cent of what they are today, so high noon would look like predawn.”

And Then You’re Dead: A scientific exploration of the world’s most interesting ways to die by Cody Cassidy and Paul Doherty is out now.

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